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Run 49 – ‘Up and Down Downs’ 11th October 2009 - Hares CotN and Rusty Pipe
Especially for those of you who were either away on holiday, put off by the precipitations or ended up at the wrong run location:

The RA, though I say it myself, as always organised perfect hashing weather ie: it rained all morning and early afternoon so the hares got absolutely drenched and then at 16.00 the sun came out for the run, it stayed dry for the circle and then it tipped down as we were heading off home! The run met up to its name ‘ Up and Down Downs’, except perhaps up² instead might have been more appropriate and for those that even might have doubted it, it was proven that the Netherlands does have ‘ups’. The autumn colours above made up for the wetness under foot.

In the circle CotN was quizzed on the history of WH3, being the founder member and not being able to attend the 50th on 8th November, 2009. He failed miserably, his knowledge of WH3 was bordering on NIL, so he was awarded the booby prize for his efforts – this was the first example of the new Wageningen Hash House Harriers 50th sweatshirt. These WH3 sweat shirts will be available for purchase at the 50th run at the bargain price of €25! Buy them why stocks last! The circle also brought a hash naming ceremony, Amsterdam’s Just Saverio will in future been know as ‘Arsenaale’ – pronounced the Italian way, of course.
Run 35 – Mariëndaal, Arnhem 10 August 2008

The threatened arrival of 5 Assen hashers did not materialise (actually that announcement was a fuck-up by the GM who can't read and thought they were coming this run, when in fact they will come for Run 36).  Ur’in Bali however, found the run location easily aided by his 3 navigation systems; now he only needs to invest in a watch in order not to arrive 2 hours early!  The hares, Just Jump In and Just Henny appeared at the start looking cool and collected without a blob of flour to be seen between them, perhaps it was all washed off earlier in the day when setting trail.  However, all became clear once the run commenced as obviously no, or very little, flour had actually been used!.  So when part way around  Whitewater, Sister Belinda and Rusty Pipe found flour they wouldn’t give it up and went missing for a while trying without success to find a little more!  Once regrouped and across the main road safely and running through the hedge tunnel folly Double Dutch was touched when Rusty Pipe had a romantic turn but before a relationship could develop Rusty Pipe took off on a sharp left and ran off checking trail – but all to no avail no prospective brides or flour to be found!

Back at the circle Sister Belinda (aye aye aye aye) was welcomed to WH3 from Madrid Hash and Just Henny as a new boot. Then it was ‘Quiz’ time, a correct answer resulted in leaving the circle and another got you back in. Just Noud proved to the mathematics genius, as how could he know the first run had the best turn out ever when he had not even been there!  The whole pack ended up getting a down down, so draw your own conclusions about the IQ level of WH3 or was it more to do with their desire to drink!. 

Finally Just Noud was turned white during his naming ceremony …. It was a tight finished but from henceforth he will be ‘Brother Mario’ and not  ‘De flowered’  - it was a long story and you had to be there really!

Check the photos here so you know what you missed. 

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