[Disclaimer: Hashing is at your own risk. Only recommended if you have a good sense of humour...]

If you have only half a mind to try Hashing, that's more than you will ever need. Some hash to get fit, some to get rid of a hangover, some even to feel younger, and most Hash to build up thirst, but all of us Hash for Fun, and all Virgins or Regulars to Hashing are more than welcome to Run along!

Wageningen Hash doesn't necessarily Run in Wageningen only (days long gone...). Often to the contrary, but almost always we run in the woods in the Province of Gelderland.

Though we love our Walkers, don't expect a separate Walker's trail. Walkers will receive a map (at best) and are left to their own devices. We advise Walkers to walk 20m one way and then walk back. If you get lost, eat your companion. We expect you to be back at the circle within 50-65 mins. Keeping Runners waiting will result in a serious shortage of beer for Walkers.

With regulars Just Jump In, War 'n' Piece, Double Dutch, Dutchy, Rusty Pipe, No Leeway, Urine Bali, and many an Amsterdam Hasher (Missing Link, Excremental Earnings, 5-Pack, Postman Prat) the WH3 pack is properly furnished.

In 2006 the University town of Wageningen became famous for having an erected copper phallus that squirted flames and in- or decreased in size depending on the level of sunlight!! For some of us it’s not the first time we ever looked up to a dick before. (We hoped to do a song or boob check at its base some sunny day but some political prick had the "Flaming Dick" removed.)

If you're a Virgin to hashing, check out http://hhhh.wso.net/, http://www.harrier.nl or http://www.haguehash.nl. If you're interested in joining us at one of our events, please click on contacts and call or email one of our members to be included on our mailing list. For more information on the Hash House Harriers, go to the World Hash House Harriers Home Page

Come and let us know your favourite farm animal!

Cock of the North

(May, 2013)


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