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The Vanishing (1993)

This 1993 thriller (a remake of a Dutch film of the same name) features Jeff Bridges as Barney, a creepy creepster who obsessively stalks and kidnaps women. While on a road trip from Seattle to Mt. St. Helens, Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) and Diane (Sandra Bullock) stop at a gas station. After a while, Jeff begins to worry and when he goes in the store to find Diane, she is long gone. The film then skips ahead 3 years and Jeff's life is now a total mess as he has become obsessed with finding her. He soon meets Rita (Nancy Travis) who unsuccessfully attempts to turn his life around. It isn't long before Barney comes looking for Jeff and leads him on the trail to Diane. This film was shot primarily throughout Washington State.

The opening scenes show Barney arriving at his remote cabin on a lake, which was filmed at a boy scout camp near Monroe, WA. As near as I can find, it was once called "Camp Omache" but has been renamed Camp Pigott. The cabin itself is located on the SW side of Hughes Lake, between Lakes Roesiger & Chaplain. The entrance to the camp is off Woods Creek Road - however since it's private property so I would not enter without permission from the scouts. The same cabin seen here was also used in "Northern Exposure."

GPS Coordinates:

We next see Barney picking up his daughter from the bus at the Pioneer Square station of the underground bus tunnel. 

They ride the escalator toward the street-level entrance on Jefferson Street, then get in Barney's car which is parked right outside on Yesler Way.

After getting settled in, Barney sets to work on what he does best - stalking women. He parks his car outside what is now Sur La Table at 84 Pine Street (with Pike Place Market in the background) and tries to pick up a woman by asking her directions to the library.

He then accosts another woman at the corner of 1st & Pike. The Seattle Shirt Company in the background is still there. 

In a flashback, we see Barney on a family outing at Snoqualmie Falls, located off Highway 202 between Fall City & Snoqualmie. The boardwalk trail leading down to the base of the falls that they walk on is being rebuilt and will be closed until 2013. 

We first see Jeff & Diane driving on a road near Mt. St. Helens, though I'm not sure exactly which one it is. 

One of the few scenes not shot in Washington, the highway tunnel where Diane (Sandra Bullock) freaks out is the Cody Tunnel of the North Fork Highway (20/14/16) west of Cody, WY. They enter & exit from the east side.

The gas station where the kidnapping takes place is now the Mt. Si Shell station off I-90 in North Bend, WA. It was renamed "Titan" for the film, though it was obviously a Texaco. We see the scene played out numerous times in the film through flashback recreations of the event. 

The mini mart inside is where Diane has a fateful encounter with Barney. 

Barney is driving through Seattle when he spots one of Jeff's flyers for Diane. He is traveling down Harvard Avenue East near East Allison Street next to the I-5 bridge. 

The diner where Jeff meets Rita is Newcomb's Ranch Restaurant & Bar on the Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest (thanks to Charles R. for the info & photo).

The apartment building where Rita (Nancy Travis) lives is at 200 Aloha Street in Seattle. Hers is #20.

Jeff & Rita revisit the gas station and he starts to lose it.

In a flashback/dream sequence they repark the jeep near North Bend Boulevard North (Hwy 202) at the gas station, overlooking the outlet mall across the street.

Jeff and Rita have lunch at the "Harbor Cafe" - no longer located near the Seattle Yacht Club in Montlake. Barney spies on them across the street at 2810 West Park Drive East 

After a violent encounter with Barney, Jeff decides he has no choice but to ride off with him down Aloha Street

Rita is seen playing pool in Joe Jost's bar at 2803 East Anaheim Street in Long Beach, CA (thanks to Lindsay at Iamnotastalker).

The final scene takes place back at Barney's cabin on Hughes Lake

M.I.A. Locations

Barney's school exterior/shot 2
Office building
Army surplus store
Barney's science classroom
Pool/Barney saves the day
Cop pulls over Barney
Licensing Office (alternate) (alternate 2)
Barney's house (alternate)

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