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The Ring (2002)

This big-budget remake of a Japanese horror film directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean films) and starring Naomi Watts shot almost entirely in Washington State

The house in the opening scene was actually shot in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, at 413 South Mc Cadden Place, Los Angeles (thanks to Charles R.).

Rachel's apartment building was at 1200 Western Avenue in downtown Seattle. The room number was 601.

The photo lab where Rachel picks up the photographs was at 1925 5th Avenue in Seattle. This was the actual address printed on the business card she looks at.

The Seattle P-I office where Rachel works was actually shot at the Orange County Register at 625 North Grand Avenue in Santa Ana, CA.

In her first visit to "Shelter Mountain Inn," Rachel drives by the south side of Pass Lake on State Route 20 on Fidalgo Island.

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Cabin #12 where the well was located was built at the bottom of a horse pasture to the south of 21729 50th Avenue NW in Silvana, WA. It was really just a three-walled facade and only used for the exterior shots.

The tree (made of metal) was constructed on the hill above the cabin. 

This scene takes place on the sidewalk outside the Westin Hotel in Seattle - at the corner of Stewart Street and Westlake Avenue (thanks to Ivan)

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The library where Rachel researches the lighthouse was Mudd Hall of Philosophy at 3709 Trousdale Parkway at the USC campus in Los Angeles.

In a driving montage, Rachel is seen crossing Deception Pass Bridge on State Route 20 from Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island.

She's also seen crossing over Bridal Veil Falls on the Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon (thanks to Marjorie). 

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Rachel boards the ferry at the Port Townsend Ferry Terminal in Port Townsend, WA. This ferry runs to Keystone on Whidbey Island. The ferry used for filming was the Quinault, built in 1927.

The "Moesko Island" lighthouse was actually a CG composite shot using the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, OR.

The Morgan horse farm was filmed at Emerald Glen Farm at 23200 Yeager Road in Monroe, WA.

The school where Rachel prods for more information was filmed at a private residence on South Lake Shore Drive on Lake Malibou, CA (thanks to Charles R.)

Mental hospital scenes were filmed at the former Camarillo State Hospital campus (now California State University Channel Islands) just south of Camarillo, CA.

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