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The Postman (1997)

After his success with Waterworld, Kevin Costner followed it with another cheesy post-apocalyptic action blockbuster which he also directed and starred in. Set in Oregon in 2013, the film follows a lone drifter (Costner) as he rejoins civilization to lead them against a tyrannical madman who's set on ruling the country. The film was shot mostly in central Oregon, with a few locations in Arizona and Washington. However, it is very difficult to find any information on where exactly the scenes were shot. If you have any info to help out, let me know!

The town of "Bridge City" (run by Tom Petty) was filmed at the Boundary Dam on the Pend-Oreille River in the far NW corner of Washington, near the border with Canada. Guided tours are given daily.


A good portion of the film takes place in "Pineview," Oregon. This is actually Metaline Falls, WA. This is the Highway 31 bridge on the NW side of town. 

The large gate entrance was built as the highway/Lehigh Avenue meets Grandview Street right over the bridge.

This is 5th Avenue, the main street through town.

The old post office in the film that gets burned down was at the end of 5th Avenue at Washington Street.

High vantage points of the town, such as the scene where the Postman looks down on the attack were filmed on Boundary Road west of town, which leads to the dam and Gardner Cave.

The large silo visible in a few shots is south of 3rd Avenue.

Scenes in the town of "Elvis" appear to have been filmed at the power station in Three Lynx, OR.

45.122422, -122.069875

The final scene of the statue dedication in "St. Rose, Oregon" was filmed at Rosario Beach near Deception Pass, WA. 


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