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The Man in the High Castle (2014)

The pilot episode for Amazon's new series based on the bestseller by Philip K. Dick is set in an alternate universe of America in 1962, with the allies having lost WWII. The show takes place in various locations across the country including New York and San Francisco but was shot entirely in Washington State

Opening scenes inside the movie house take place at Seattle's historic Paramount Theater at 911 Pine Street. As Joe (Luke Kleintank) walks out the front and down the street the shot turns into a digital re-creation of Times Square in New York. 

He is then seen riding the Seattle Center Monorail, which in reality was completed the same year in which the story is set. 

As Joe exits the monorail, we see some more digital trickery as a shot of the train passing overhead is seamlessly blended to Joe exiting non-existent stairs on Columbia Street under the Alaskan Way Viaduct on-ramp in Pioneer Square

GPS Coordinates:

The exterior of the "Lariat Shipping" office where Joe hops in the truck to escape is on Post Avenue, looking back toward Columbia Street. He gets away by heading south down Post Avenue.

After being introduced to Juliana (Alexa Davalos), we see her walk down King Street (between 7th & 8th) in the International District, which was re-decorated with additional signage and period cars and extras.

As she crosses 7th Street, the view south toward King Street Station has been altered to look out at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Juliana and Frank (Rupert Evans) share a drink at The Quarter Lounge (909 Madison Street), where they are joined by Ed McCarthy (DJ Qualls). 

On her way home, Juliana runs into Trudy (Conor Leslie) in Canton Alley off King Street. She then witnesses her sister getting gunned down by a Japanese patrol outside the Four Seas Restaurant

Truck and bus driving shots were filmed on Lowell Snohomish River Road outside Snohomish (and as in the above case, digitally altered).

"Teikoku Station" is actually Union Station at 401 South Jackson Street in Seattle.

This shot seamlessly combines a shot of a limo driving up the East Marginal Way South ramp into a shot of San Francisco with Coit Tower in the distance.

Joe stops at a Nazi border crossing and uses a payphone - actually the parking lot for Al Borlin Park next to the Lewis Street Bridge in Monroe. 

"Canon City" should look familiar to fans of Northern Exposure - West Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Roslyn was the setting for that TV series as well. 

The painted mural on the iconic Rosyln Cafe (201 W. Pennsylvania) had to be covered to stand in for "Sunrise Diner."

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