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Joyride (1977)

This film follows three teenagers who set off to Alaska for adventure and a new life, but instead wind up in trouble and on the run from the law. Even though the film supposedly takes place in multiple different states, Washington was where the filming was primarily done. 

The ferry ride to Alaska was filmed aboard the M.V. Coho, which has been the sole ferry in operation on the Black Ball Line between Port Angeles, WA and Victoria, BC since 1959. 

The trio is shown arriving in a small Alaska town in their hearse along the Index-Galena Road and they turn onto 5th Street and enter Index across the old town bridge. This bridge has since been replaced by a newer steel arch bridge. However, the railroad bridge in the above shot still remains.

The actual town scenes, however, were shot in downtown Rosyln, WA - most famous for its role in Northern Exposure. Like that show, most of the scenes take place along W. Pennsylvania Avenue

At one point, they are seen having shooting practice along the South Fork of the Skykomish River with the Mt. Index Bridge (Hwy 2) behind them. This is just west of the town of Index and is a popular rafting spot in the summer. 

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When they return to Seattle, the gang along with new friend Cindy (Anne Lockhart) walk down Occidental Avenue between South Main Street and South Jackson Street.

In one scene late in the film, John (Robert Carradine) steals a camera from Dave's Jewelry & Loan at 9646 16th Avenue SW in White Center. The owner then chases him down 16th Avenue to his car where he attempts to escape. 

John escapes and turns the corner from 16th Avenue onto SW Roxbury Street