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Harry & The Hendersons (1987)

Continuing a hot streak in the 80's, Harry & The Hendersons was another big budget movie to come to Seattle. This fairly cheesy family film brought with it a lineup of big name actors including John Lithgow, Melinda Dillon, Don Ameche & M. Emmet Walsh. Wilderness scenes were filmed along I-90 and SR-2 in the Cascades.

The "Welcome to Seattle" sign was a prop placed on 12th Avenue South at South Forest Street on Beacon Hill, overlooking the Seattle skyline from the southeast (thanks to Charity).

The Henderson family house is located at 4214 Burke Avenue North in the Wallingford area of Seattle (despite the house number being 437 in the film). 

Irene's house was next door to the Hendersons at 4210 Burke Avenue North in Wallingford.

The "Henderson & Son Outdoor Store" is now the New York Fashion Academy at 5201 Ballard Avenue NW in Ballard (thanks to Charles R.).

The library scene appears to have been filmed at the West Seattle Library at 2306 42nd Avenue SW (thanks to Allison A.).

The "Bigfoot Museum" where Don Ameche works in the film was built on the side of Highway 2 under the shadow of Mt. Index. In the years since filming, Espresso Chalet has taken over the spot and still houses one of the Harry costumes from the film.

GPS Coordinates:

The crime scene overlooking the city was at the corner of 38th Avenue SW & Belvidere Avenue SW in West Seattle.

It appears that many of the downtown street scenes were actually on a studio backlot, but in this shot George drives under the monorail tracks at the corner of 5th Avenue & Wall Street in Belltown.

The traffic jam scene was filmed on the I-5 express lanes between exits 170 & 171. 


When George finally escapes, he drives up the Lake City Way/Highway 522 on-ramp, which doesn't go anywhere near Mt. Rainier.

George is seen crossing the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (State Route 520) - now the Governor Albert D. Rossellini-Evergreen Point Bridge (commonly known as the "520 bridge") over Lake Washington. This is the world's longest floating bridge.

As he pursues the Hendersons, Jacques (David Suchet) is seen crossing the SR-2 bridge over the North Fork Skykomish River just west of Index. 

GPS Coordinates:

The logging road the Hendersons drive up at the end of the film is NFD5510 near Hansen Creek. Bandera Airfield and I-90 can be seen below them.

GPS Coordinates: (approximate)

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