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Disclosure (1994)

This thriller based on a Michael Crichton novel, about a computer specialist (Michael Douglas) whose job is put on the line when a mischievous younger co-worker (Demi Moore) plots against him. Also starring Donald Sutherland, this film was set primarily in the Pioneer Square
 district of Seattle.

Tom and family live at 11124 NE Country Club Road on Bainbridge Island (thanks to Shawn T.).

The school where Tom drops off his kids is Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School at 4704 Blakely Avenue NE on Bainbridge Island.

Toward the start of the film, we see Tom (Michael Douglas) being dropped off at a ferry dock and running to catch the ferry. This was the Bainbridge Island ferry dock across Elliott Bay to the west of downtown Seattle. 

The office building where Tom works is the Interurban Building at 102 Occidental Way in Pioneer Square. The interiors were built as a set at Warner Brothers Studios.

The office building where Catherine, Tom's lawyer works is in the historic Smith Tower at 506 2nd Avenue. For $7.50 you can ride the same old-fashioned elevator to the observation deck at the 35th floor for a spectacular view of Seattle and the Pioneer Square area. 

The Volunteer Park Conservatory on Capitol Hill was the site of the banquet dinner scene. Enter the park from either 15th Avenue or East Prospect Street. 

The underground tunnel where Tom talks to Susan is the Pioneer Square station of the underground bus tunnel. You can walk down from the James Street or Jefferson Street entrances near Smith Tower. 

The rooftop office where Tom & Meredith's lawyers meet to discuss the case was supposed to be in the U.S. Bank Building at 1420 5th Avenue. They appear to have actually filmed the interior lobby & escalator shots there as well (looking back toward 5th Ave.), but I'm unsure as to whether or not the meeting room itself was actually shot inside. After meeting with them the 2nd time, he has a quick chat on the sidewalk outside the building's entrance on 5th Avenue.

Pike Place Market, at the far west end of Pike Street, is where Catherine & Susan walk & talk. They enter from 1st Avenue then are seen walking through the main hallway of the market. 

The shots of Bob (Donald Sutherland) driving Tom around town were first, in Pioneer Square: going south on Occidental at South Washington, and then looking south down 4th Avenue in the Westlake shopping area, right by Macy's (on the right).

A shot of the skyline from Kerry Park is shown. 

Tom has a secret nighttime meeting on the stairs of the Bainbridge Ferry Dock on Pier 52 off Alaskan Way.

The hotel where Tom sneaks past Bob to hack into the computer program in is the Fairmont Olympic Hotel (formerly the Four Seasons) at 411 University Street downtown. The entrance seen in the film is from the University St. side. The room he entered was the "Cascade Room," room #1120 on the top floor of the hotel.

The J&M Cafe & Cardroom at 201 1st Avenue South in Pioneer Square was where Tom meets with Catherine late in the film.

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