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Benny & Joon (1993)

This quirky drama/comedy from 1993 starred Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, and Johnny Depp and featured Spokane, Washington prominently. 

The train seen in the opening scenes of the film is the Pend Orielle Railroad, which operates out of Ione, WA (north of Spokane). This scenic train provides trips to Spokane, Idaho, and British Columbia. 

The house where Benny (Aidan Quinn) & Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson) live is at 301 North Cedar Street (the corner of Cedar & Water) in Peaceful Valley, Spokane. 

The auto shop where Benny & Eric (Oliver Platt) work at in the film is Hilliard Tire at 5404 North Market Street in Spokane.

Joon directs traffic in front of the Masonic Temple and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes on West Riverside Avenue (thanks to Lucinda). 

In one quick scene, Benny visits Eric at his house at 2101 East Springfield Avenue in Spokane, with the giant grain silos in the background.

The road corner where Sam (Johnny Depp) sits and waits for Joon is right across from Joon's house on the corner of West Water Avenue & North Cedar Street.

Ruthie (Julianne Moore) lives in an apartment building at 1303 West 10th Avenue in Spokane (thanks to Michael W.). This is also where Joon moves in later in the film. 

The scene where Sam clowns around was in Riverfront Park in Spokane. The specific spot is on the hill in front of the rides, across the river from the carousel on the north side. 

The park bench where Benny has a seat after Sam's routine is in Riverfront Park just across from the Carousel. 

Sam gets a job at "American Classic Video," located in the Minnesota Building at 423 West 1st Avenue 

The exterior shots of the cafe was Mary Lou's Milk Bottle at 802 West Garland Avenue in Spokane, right next door to Ferguson's Cafe at 804 West Garland, where the interiors were filmed. Both were damaged in a 2011 fire, but the bar where Sam made the dinner rolls "dance" is still intact in Ferguson's.

The scene where Joon caused the commotion on the city bus was on Main Street under the Maple Street bridge. This is right next to the house from Vision Quest

The "Emma Sherman Memorial Hospital" where Joon goes is now The Academy at 1216 Superior Street (thanks to Julie).

A railroad yard on the east side of town was likely the location for this day-for-night scene late in the film. 

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