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An Officer & A Gentleman (1982)

This film follows Zach Mayo (Richard Gere) working through Navy flight school who is put to the test by a tough sergeant (Louis Gossett, Jr.) and distracted by a local girl (Debra Winger). The cult following of this film still draws fans to the scenic and historic Fort Worden on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula, which played the part of "Port Rainier Naval Air Station" and the nearby historic town of Port Townsend, WA.

We first see Mayo standing next to his bike looking out at the ships at the Bremerton Naval Station, on the NW side of Highway 304.

Mayo then enters Fort Worden State Park, driving down Eisenhower Avenue heading east. He passes by the parade ground (the large grass field in the middle of the fort), where Sergeant Foley drills the new recruits. The specific drill area is just in front of the parking lot in front of Building 201, now the Coast Artillery Museum.

The paper mill in Port Townsend was not available for interior shooting, so the interior mill shots were instead shot at what is now the Simpson Tacoma Kraft mill in Tacoma. This includes the climactic end scene. I'm not sure where the exterior shots were from, but it doesn't resemble either one.

The haircutting scene took place on the ramp at the rear of Building 203 of Fort Warden. Today, this is one of two barracks buildings on site that visitors in groups of 16 or more can stay in overnight. 

Building 204 was used as the dormitory where Mayo and Worley bunked together and its porch was used for a climactic scene later in the film (above). The grass in front of 204 was also where Foley had them doing pushups as Paula & Lynette look on.

Before they head to the base, Paula and Lynette stop to change clothes on East Portland Avenue in front of a lumber mill that is now industrial buildings (thanks to Aubin)

GPS Coordinates:

The recruits begin their training by running along the beach along the water in front of Battery Kinzie, in view of Point Wilson Lighthouse.

After running on the beach, the group jogs around the fort, in front of Battery Ash and through the tunnel to Battery Benson, where they run up & down the stairs.

Next, they begin the obstacle course. This was built in the area in front of Battery Vicars, between Battery Kinzie & Harbor Defense Way (the road to the lighthouse). On the Google Map, I've retraced the route with each obstacle's approximate location pinpointed.

The stairs on the north side of Battery Putnam is where Worley caught Mayo collecting his pre-shined shoes and uniform. The brick tower in the first photo is known as "Alexander's Castle" and is one of the unique places at Fort Worden where you can reserve a night's stay.

The interior of the USO building (#324) at Fort Worden State Park was used for the reception dance scene where Paula & Mayo meet near the beginning of the film. 

Mayo & Worley get lucky after the dance in the parking lot in front of Point Wilson Lighthouse.

The infamous blimp hangar where Louis Gossett, Jr. beats up David Caruso was the actual former blimp hangar at Fort Worden. Almost hidden back in the trees, this building seems somewhat out of place here! This was also the location of the climactic showdown between Mayo & Foley. The building is now used a performing arts center.

The "Town Tavern" at 639 Water Street in Port Townsend was the bar in the film. It has since been remodeled as the Water Street Brew Pub, and the interior no longer resembles the bar in the film. However, the large mural visible in the movie is still hanging inside. Mayo has to show off his martial arts skills outside the bar, on the south side of the building on Quincy Street.

The motel in the film is the Tides Inn, on 1807 Water Street in Port Townsend. It's been added on to extensively since the movie, but the older part still remains intact. Worley's room is the first on the left from the office, in the old part near the road.

The "Dilbert Dunker" was built in the swimming pool in Mountain View Elementary School in Port Townsend. It was an exact working replica of the real one used by the Navy.

I believe it was behind Building 201 back at Fort Worden where Foley sprayed down Mayo with the hose & made him do push-ups in the mud.

The spot where Mayo makes his plead to Foley ("I got nowhere else to go!") was on the west side of Battery Kinzie.
The campground can be seen in the background in the 2nd shot. 

By the way, the M/V Kulshan - the ferry used in the film is no longer used in this area. It used to go between Clinton & Mukilteo, but was sold to the Coast Guard (and renamed "The Governor") in the 80s and moved to New York. It was sold again and is now working occasionally as a reserve ferry on Martha's Vineyard.

Paula Pokrifiki's house was 1003 Tremont Street in Port Townsend. As of 2009, the house is shrouded by a large hedge and the front porch has been remodeled. The house still looks nearly the same though.

Mayo and Worley eat at the Sea Galley Restaurant, now known as Surf Restaurant at 106 Taylor Street in Port Townsend (thanks to Kevin)

"TJ's Restaurant"
 is located at the Point Hudson marina in Port Townsend. The space is now occupied by a company that makes sails.

The decompression chamber was one of the only sets constructed for the film and as of 2009, it is still intact in the basement of Building 225 of the Fort Worden State Park. Apparently, it can still be seen through the windows of the building's basement. This is the other building that you can reserve a bunk in via the State Park website

The scene where Worley quits in front of Foley and Mayo stands up for him was on the sidewalk in front of Officer's Row, ending in front of Building 225, where Worley runs off down the road.

Lynette's house where Worley proposes was on Mill Road in Port Townsend. west of the entrance  to the paper mill. The house no longer exists, but the concrete driveway pad is apparently still visible.

Mayo & Paula talk on the beach in front of the Tides Inn after they find Worley. The old dock pilings are in the background. The washed-up logs on the beach make a good landmark.

The south side of the parade field is where the graduation ceremony took place.

M.I.A. Locations:

Port Rainier Navy base entrance gate

Dining Hall (Ft. Worden)

Paper mill break room

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