PREAMBLE AND MISSION STATEMENT

                      W.A.F.A.W Relief Project (otherwise known as WAFAW ~ WARRIOR ANGELS FOR ABLE WARRIORS)

A grassroots community service organization formed by volunteers of unified souls for the people that served us, and by the people that respect that service.

Believing it to be our HONOR and DUTY to SERVE and uphold said mission and purpose.


WAFAW RP  mission is; NOT for us to make monetary gains for ourselves, but to ENRICH the lives of all whom in the past, present and future "suffer in silence" both mentally and physically while supporting and protecting our country and communities in Military or non-military Civilian Services; 
                                                           Our brother & sisters of the ~Armed Services
                                                                                                     ~Police Officers
                                                                                                     ~Fire Fighters
                                                                                                     ~EMT/ & other Health Care Providers
along with all family members and loved ones. No more than 25% of all donations will be used to fund our organization. But when cost can be kept lower, the maximum amount of funds collected will be used for the people we are here to help.

These are our "Able Warriors" who suffer in silence.  To whom we PROUDLY DEDICATE ourselves to SERVE to the best of our ability, showing RESPECT to ALL.

With HONOR our purpose is; to be a positive influence in and around our communities. Providing the support, fellowship, aid & assistance needed to help substain the lives of these Warriors and their communities, and where possible, to educate the communities on the needs of these "Able Warriors". ie, qualified speakers going to local schools and speaking to the students at assemblies, and speaking to local government officials about the needs of our "Able Warriors" so they can better understand what these "warriors" needs are.

Such so to create communities in which we can provide services to promote the safety, health and well-being of our Warriors and their family members.

We are able to provide such said services, support and educate the public through our ~research; public awareness programs; rallies; fund-raisers and donations and volunteers.

We do hereby DEDICATE and PROUDLY commit ourselves to this purpose and cause to the best of our ability and to accomplish the above stated aims we Warrior Angels for Able Warriors~WAFAW Relief Project do hereby adopt this constitution.

                                                                                   MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

It doesn't matter who you are, or what walk of life you come from or which state, or what your political views are. This is a nationwide organization with no political views.

If you are interested in becoming a Warrior Angel here are a few
prerequisites to consider before applying for membership;

In order for us to meet the needs of those who are suffering in silence we need to have members who take this very seriously.  We thank you for your consideration.


2~ Every member (Warrior Angel) must abide by the WAFAW Relief Projects preamble, mission statement and by-laws.

3~ Warrior Angels for Able Warriors, are all volunteers who donate their time and support because they believe in our cause. 
We not only depend on our volunteers but on donations to fund the projects.  Membership donations are $25.00 per year, due in May of each year or when  initially joining.

4~ Please know that your level of participation is entirely up to you. 
It can be a simple monthly support contact, supplies or monetary donations, or as involved as weekly contacts, home or hospital visits, support care packages, service calls, fund raisers and more. 

If you cannot volunteer your time or donate etc, but believe in the cause you can join us as a
non-member supporter.

5~ Even though many of our WAFAW members ride motorcycles; you DO NOT NEED A MOTORCYCLE to join us. For we are NOT a motorcycle club, all are welcome to join.

Please note that we are honored to have you wear our logo/patch on any jacket or vest or display our flags/decals, etc....as long as you display or wear it with RESPECT, HONOR & PRIDE, as a SUPPORTER OF OUR CAUSE, WAFAW.  ANY illegal activities as a member of WAFAW will be grounds for immediate dismissal as a member.