Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Committee (MLC)

2011-2012 ACTION PLANS

Annual Mobile Survey - Under Construction!

ETA this Thursday, 9am

FYI --- Connie Broughton's recent Mobile App Survey questions are being integrated into our Annual Survey (along with descriptions of what is meant by Mobile Apps, etc.)

  1. Set Thursdays, via Collaborate, as regular meeting time starting February. Record meetings so others can review/participate. (5-10 Update: Meetings to revamp 2011 survey have occurred with some irregularity during 'conference season'.)
  2. Review previous survey data ELC Mobile Phones Survey 2010-11) to produce new survey. Elements to update include: Mobile Devices (not just phone), add demographics ... (5-10 Update: Have revised survey, but wonder about the mobile use by students already taken for granted and documented via national research?)
  3. Re-deploy survey with a "promo kit" to ELC-ers at colleges with clarifications and longer availability/larger response rate (5-10 Update: please give feedback on draft...)
  4. Compare responses to the baseline data to identify change in the mLearning space (Deploy this Summer?).
  5. Poll membership on issues from 2010-11 survey effort - needed technology updates - how to make the data relevant for colleges (ex. availability and security of wifi, instructional design considerations for mobile, etc.) (March) (5-10 Update: see request for feedback above.)
  6. Clarify ANGEL Mobile application enhancement functionality - WiFi only via carriers other than Sprint - and report to council (Spring ELC) (5-10 Update: ANGEL 8 will support Bb Learn Mobile and any device via WiFi- SBCTC has scheduled upgrade for September.)
  7. Review Next LMS evaluation results for product functionality when used with a variety of mobile devices (hopefully, mobile needs will be significant criterion) and give feedback to committee (Late Feb). (5-10 Updated: Canvas has much better mobile support and capabilities for social media integration.)
  8. Supplement the WAOL Help Desk general selected platform support info. (Summer ELC)
  9. Research what other institutions are doing and share resources on educational use of mobile technologies (Summer ELC).
  • Central Washington University
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • Boise State University
  • Tacoma Community College (Learning Communities -- check with Jo)
  • SBCTC (Connie -- August 2 and 9; Mark -- data; Scott -- training)
  • Shoreline CC (their experience with Bb mobile)
  • Spokane CC?
  • Brainstorm ideas on a workshop for faculty and ELCs and potentially host training at North Seattle Community College. (Feed to eLearning Community Webinars) (5-10 Update: give feedback. See shared resources for iPads in Ed sites from Edmonds and South Seattle.)
  • Help (in ways that correspond to state and individual college initiatives) to organize such a workshop open to all folks at all CTCs that introduces folks to how mobile technologies are being used effectively across the state. (Feed to eLearning Community Webinars)
Mobile Devices for Education

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2011- 2012 Members: Sara Newman, Tom Braziunas, Ed Bachmann, Sandi Madsen, Claver Hategekimana and Liz Anderson, Beth Cummings

  • Lead: Sara Newman (facilitates work time during eLearning Council meetings and keep the group on track, send out reminders as needed between meetings on action items, and report outcomes.)
  • Secretary: Ed Bachmann (all will edit this web page)
  • SBCTC: Scott Dennis and Mark Carbon

(5-10 Updated: Canvas has much better mobile support and capabilities for social media integration.)GOALS & STRATEGIES: Anticipate education directions in Mobile technologies as they apply to our teaching and learning populations.

RECOMMENDATIONS Provide knowledge on training and resources that help colleges effectively use mobile technologies

RESOURCES (let's not reinvent the research)

  1. (Survey Results 2010 Mobile Phones)
  2. (Top 50 Resources)
  3. (barriers?)
  4. Definition of mLearning from Rebecca Hogue's mLearning archives category
  5. Mobile Course on mLearning (professional development activity)

MLC Member email address:,,,,,,

2010-2011 ACTION PLANSDefine mobile learning

On 1/26 an email was shared by Andy Duckworth (at TCC) to a few of the ELC Members on the iPad Roll out at his college. With his permission we would like to post the body of the email:

We did our iPad rollout in a couple of stages. Initially we purchased 5 units for IT and the eLearning departments to test. During Fall quarter we purchased 20 more units for our two faculty learning communities. We used Apple's Mobile Configuration Utility ( to set up wifi, VPN, email and pass codes on all of the devices and that has worked very well.

The only issue we have had with the utility is that some apps (haven't been able to determine which ones) can conflict with the Utility's ability to install itself on the device. So it is a good idea to run it on a clean machine.

The biggest issue we have had so far is application deployment. We initially set up a central kiosk computer and synchronized all of the devices to one account, but that had severe limitations: people couldn't download apps wirelessly, people couldn't purchase apps themselves, couldn't sync media, etc... We recently signed up for the Apple Volume Licensing program ( and I believe this will resolve the issue for us. This program will allow us to purchase vouchers for apps that can be redeemed by our faculty/staff. This will allow them the flexibility to purchase their own apps and also allow the college to purchase apps for them.

  • Gather information
  • Identify and share best practices
      • Participate in the Educause Mobile Computing 5-Day Sprint
      • Sara N. shared the following:
        • * ML Community website
        • * A few best practices from mobile app developer:
        • Minimize Data Entry: Avoid making learners use their phone keyboards too much as these can interrupt learning, and become tedious and time consuming. At most, keep answers to optional choices or short fill-in-the-blanks to check understanding.
        • Use Text Support: Structure learning material to be used for general reference, like definitions and how-to guides. This may not allow for complete learning material, but can provide learning support through notes, which can be easily read and accessed quickly.
        • Avoid Costs to Learner: If the student is incurring costs to learn via their mobile devices, that’s a big problem. So while implementing mobile learning keep in mind downloading costs if any, as well as data access costs.
        • Test Design Approaches: To figure what content works best you need to try different options. Do you provide a text summary and then ask questions? Do you detail a process and then provide visual support? Do you link to online videos? Try multiple options and see what works best for your students.
        • Provide Offline Options: Downloading information and content is not yet commonplace and can still be a hindrance to many. Content does not necessarily have to be delivered via wireless connection or the internet. You could also offer PC access though memory cards which can then be “sideloaded” to a mobile device.

Ed shared: Boise State EdTech Program article in Converge that talks about educational change, including an summer term course on developing mobile Applications!

Ed shared: Whitepaper on Mobile Learning from AT&T -

2011-12 Members and Activities

  • Tina Torres
  • Jerry Marshall
  • Tom Braziunas
  • Ed Bachmann
  • Dante Leon
  • Andy Duckworth
  • Marc Lentini (
  • Sara Newman
  • Ann Garnsey-Harter,
  • Beth Cummings
  • Sara Frizelle
  • Tom Bates


Ed shared: Bb presentation on Mobile Learning with institutional examples -


Ed shared: Tried to upload Campus Technology whitepaper by IntelliResponse on use of Mobile Technology in support of student services (but was nat able to get the file uploaded). This may be another area where we want to focus our energies.

Goal: Create a survey of our students as to what mobile devices and Internet access that they have

  • 1. What mobile devices do you use (iphone, ipad, Android versions, smartphone, netbook, laptop, ipod)
  • 2. What network connection services do you have (Wifi, Cellular...)

Action items:

  • Ann will ask Bb if she can share the student survey questions that Bb created-DONE.
  • If they agree, Ann will send the questions to Andy so he can put it in his survey engine, which he hopes will break out the data by college. DONE
  • The committee will then deploy the survey at their colleges and ask others to deploy at their colleges. DONE

From: Garnsey-Harter, Ann

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 5:18 PM


Subject: Survey for your students to take spring quarter

Dear eLearning Council,

Please ask your students to take this survey on mobile learning: .

The survey is live now and will close on Friday, April 29th.

The survey data will be broken out by college, so the Council will get good system-wide data and you will get college-specific information.

Thank you,

Ann Garnsey-Harter