Mobile Learning Committee (MLC)

2011-2012 ACTION PLANS

  1. Set Thursdays, via Collaborate, as regular meeting time starting February. Record meetings so others can review/participate. (5-10 Update: Meetings to revamp 2011 survey have occurred with some irregularity during 'conference season'.)
  2. Review previous survey data ELC Mobile Phones Survey 2010-11) to produce new survey. Elements to update include: Mobile Devices (not just phone), add demographics ... (5-10 Update: Have revised survey, but wonder about the mobile use by students already taken for granted and documented via national research?)
  3. Re-deploy survey with a "promo kit" to ELC-ers at colleges with clarifications and longer availability/larger response rate (5-10 Update: please give feedback on draft...)
  4. Compare responses to the baseline data to identify change in the mLearning space (Deploy this Summer?).
  5. Poll membership on issues from 2010-11 survey effort - needed technology updates - how to make the data relevant for colleges (ex. availability and security of wifi, instructional design considerations for mobile, etc.) (March) (5-10 Update: see request for feedback above.)
  6. Clarify ANGEL Mobile application enhancement functionality - WiFi only via carriers other than Sprint - and report to council (Spring ELC) (5-10 Update: ANGEL 8 will support Bb Learn Mobile and any device via WiFi- SBCTC has scheduled upgrade for September.)
  7. Review Next LMS evaluation results for product functionality when used with a variety of mobile devices (hopefully, mobile needs will be significant criterion) and give feedback to committee (Late Feb). (5-10 Updated: Canvas has much better mobile support and capabilities for social media integration.) 
  8. Supplement the WAOL Help Desk general selected platform support info. (Summer ELC)
  9. Research what other institutions are doing and share resources on educational use of mobile technologies (Summer ELC).
  • Central Washington University
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • Boise State University
  • Tacoma Community College (Learning Communities -- check with Jo)
  • SBCTC (Connie -- August 2 and 9; Mark -- data; Scott -- training)
  • Shoreline CC (their experience with Bb mobile)
  • Spokane CC?
  • Brainstorm ideas on a workshop for faculty and ELCs and potentially host training at North Seattle Community College. (Feed to eLearning Community Webinars) (5-10 Update: give feedback.  See shared resources for iPads in Ed sites from Edmonds and South Seattle.)
  • Help (in ways that correspond to state and individual college initiatives) to organize such a workshop open to all folks at all CTCs that introduces folks to how mobile technologies are being used effectively across the state. (Feed to eLearning Community Webinars)
Annual Mobile Survey - Under Construction!
ETA this Thursday, 9am

FYI --- Connie Broughton's recent Mobile App Survey questions are being integrated into our Annual Survey (along with descriptions of what is meant by Mobile Apps, etc.)
2011- 2012 Members: Sara Newman, Tom Braziunas, Ed Bachmann, Sandi Madsen, Claver Hategekimana and Liz Anderson, Beth Cummings
  • Lead: Sara Newman (facilitates work time during eLearning Council meetings and keep the group on track, send out reminders as needed between meetings on action items, and report outcomes.)
  • Secretary: Ed Bachmann (all will edit this web page)
  • SBCTC: Scott Dennis and Mark Carbon
(5-10 Updated: Canvas has much better mobile support and capabilities for social media integration.) GOALS & STRATEGIES: Anticipate education directions in Mobile technologies as they apply to our teaching and learning populations.

RECOMMENDATIONS Provide knowledge on training and resources that help colleges effectively use mobile technologies

(let's not reinvent the research)
  1. Definition of mLearning from Rebecca Hogue's mLearning archives category 
  2. Mobile Course on mLearning (professional development activity)

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