IB Physics 3/4 Assignments

 Day                     Due Date Assignment
 Monday  9/17/2012  The spaghetti lab report is due
 Wednesday      9/19/2012  EM spectrum poster is due: remember to include source citations and two examples of each part of the spectrum.
 Wednesday       9/19/2012  Bring a graph of your pendulum data. You do not have to worry about max/min lines right now, but you should do a curve fit that best fits the data.
 Wednesday          09/26/2012  Final draft of pendulum data due. You must have a data table with all raw data and calculations. Please make a table of the data you actually collected. However, I want everyone to make a graph of Period versus Length. If you need the data we worked with in class, I have posted it below. You should have two graphs and a calculation of g with a percent error.
 Wednesday      10/03/2012  Data tables for the spring constant lab. You need a data table that presents the data for all five springs. Do not forget uncertainties and sample calculations. Make one LoggerPro graph for one of the springs. Be sure to include max and min lines.
 Tuesday  10/16/2012  Wave pulse data due. Calculate the speed of the wave pulse for each change you made to the pulse. How does tension, amplitude and pulse width affect the speed?
 Wednesday      10/17/2012  Period of Oscillation of a Spring inquiry lab due.
 Monday  10/22/2012  Read about forced oscillations and wave pulses in your book. The wave pulses start chapter 4.2. Answer questions 1-7 from that chapter. There will be a Check for Understanding Quiz on wave pulses on Monday.
 Monday     10/29/2012 Do problems 7-15 on pages 256-257. You should also review the information about the formation of standing waves in chapter 4.6. We will have a Check for Understanding quiz on Monday.
 Tuesday 11/6/2012 Data section of the speed of sound lab needs to be completed.
 Tuesday     11/6/2012 Read pages 244-247 and answer questions 1-10 except 3 on page 248.
 Friday 12/07/2012 Download the Optics Worksheet below and complete it. Websites are listed in the worksheet.

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