GALLERY I                      GALLERY II                           GALLERY III                      GALLERY IV                       GALLERY V
            GALLERY VI                                      GALLERY VII                            GALLERY VIII               GALLERY IX                                GALLERY X
        GALLERY XI                           GALLERY XII                          GALLERY XIII                GALLERY XIV         GALLERY XV         GALLERY XVI
          GALLERY XVII                GALLERY XVIII                              GALLERY XVIIII                                                 GALLERY XX
                   GALLERY XXI                                        GALLERY XXII                     GALLERY XXIII                GALLERY XXIV    
                          GALLERY XXV                             GALLERY XXVI     GALLERY XXVII                  GALLERY XXVIII                      GALLERY XXVIIII
              GALLERY XXX                                    GALLERY XXXI                             GALLERY XXXII           GALLERY XXXIII         GALLERY XXXVIII 
            GALLERY XXXIV                       GALLERY XXXV                         GALLERY XXXVI                                     GALLERY XXXVII            
       GALLERY XXXVIIII                         GALLERY XXXX                                 GALLERY XXXXI                             GALLERY XXXXII
          GALLERY XXXXIII                 GALLERY XXXXIV           GALLERY XXXXV                        GALLERY XXXXVI                  GALLERY XXXXVII  
 GALLERY XXXXVIII         GALLERY XLIX                          GALLERY L                                           GALLERY LI

      GALLERY LII                 GALLERY LIII                GALLERY LIV                  GALLERY LV                GALLERY LVI

                                              TUMBNAIL PAGE II

        GALLERY LVII                       GALLERY LVIII
This page shows only a part of artworks from W.A. di Bolgherese. 

If You are interested to see his newest works write a short Message to di.bolgherese@googlemail.com 

and You will get always newest informations.

You are invited to visit his studios in Germany or Tuscany. 

Please contact the office for a date di.bolgherese@t-online.de