digital humanities

new england primer
Cover of an aged book which reads "The New-England Primer" and has some scribbles on it

The New England Primer was the most important textbook in 18th-century America - most anyone who learned to read learned from it, thus it defined literacy and American identity. There are over 200 editions of this textbook and the changes in it from the late 17th century to the early 19th century show the changes in the New Republic. I've started making a website about the New England Primer to help students and scholars investigate this fascinating text and the stories it tells. Eventually, I am aiming to include a series of annotated and searchable editions, maps, and background information. 


Wikipedia globe logo
My work with Wikipedia spans everything from improving content on 18th-century topics to helping start, run, and shape the Wikipedia Education Program to working actively to bridge the gender gap. I have participated actively on the site for almost a decade, published articles on teaching with Wikipedia and representations of historical uncertainty, served as an intermediary between academia and Wikipedia, and recruited women to the site.

digital pedagogy

Teaching digital tools and media literacy is an important part of all of my courses. While I do teach specific programs, such as WordPress or twitter, my larger aim is to teach students how to learn technology. Because technology changes so quickly, they need to be able to adapt, to quickly assess what tools are useful for them, and to garner basic skills. Furthermore, because students spend so much of their lives online, they need a set of tools to help them analyze the texts they find and make there. Using traditional questions drawn from genre analysis in the study of rhetoric and literature, I help students understand and critically evaluate online information. Finally, because the internet has allowed for a proliferation of makers, I encourage students to participate in this exciting experiment and give them the freedom and tools to become producers of their own content.