Wader Servicing

Your waders are expensive, and they have a hard life. By having them serviced at the end of the fishing or shooting season if you enjoy wild fowling, you can considerably extend their useful life, and ensure you start the new season thinking about your sport, and not worrying about your comfort.
The service will examine all the seams and tapes, all the soles and studs, all the braces. Any damaged or weak areas can be replaced or repaired.  We will identify areas that are not yet leaking, but are damaged to the point that they will leak in future, areas such a creases and folds that will in time damage the waterproof membrane.
We can pressure test your waders, identifying all the punctures, pin holes, areas of delamination or abrasion, seam and foot leaks. As part of this process the waders will be washed inside and out. We have tested to distruction most of the fabrics on the market, so know what pressure your waders can withstand, and aim to test to about 1/3 of this. This will not damage your waders but will expose them to pressures above what would be experience in normal wading use, so even when deep wading into a strong current you will know your waders have been tested to above this pressure. Unlike many of the testing procedures used in the angling industry, our test gives the waders an equal pressure over their whole surface, so the pressure in the feet is equal to the pressure at the top of the wader, this finds those difficult to find high up leaks, it also ensures that feet seams as an example are not overstrained and damaged. It works equally well on chest, waist and thigh waders.
This is also the time to consider the fit of your waders. During the close season we can, within reason, customise your waders to make them fit just that little bit better. We offer this service all year round, but this does take a little longer than our normal service.
We will then give you a full report, with all areas of concern highlighted and with a range of prices for the service. A full refurbishment is £45, and this covers all punctures, delamination, seam and foot leaks and your waders will leave our workshop airtight, re-enforced and all our work will be guaranteed. Postage varies depending on wader style and destination, but we only charge what we are charged, we do not make a charge for packaging.
Iain Morrison,
21 Mar 2011, 16:17