Couriers, getting your waders to me then home again!

      After a number of problems, we have decided to get all the waders we send taken back to you by courier. We have chosen Fedex for this, as they will collect from us, and deliver back to you the following day. Your waders will be insured, tracked and will get to you in a timely fashion. You will receive a phone call from Fedex if there are any issues (if you have given me a mobile phone number to give them) and you will be able to specify where the waders are delivered to and even where they can be left for you. I will get an email or phone call if there are any problems. If you are rushing us to get them back they may be sent damp, we try to avoid this but sometime we work to very tight time scales and would rather the wader got to you damp than were here dry. We sometimes add talc to the inside of waders when sending them, this stops fresh glue gripping, and aids dressing in them the first time, once it has been used simply wash it out.
      For oversea customers we will still be using the Post Office or Fedex, if using the post office we have decided to use a slightly more expensive tracked service, so we both know where your waders are at any time.
      We can now collect your waders from your home or work, saving you the need to go to the post office. All you do is email Dave with where and the day of the week you want the waders collected, also mail me your contact number for fedex, in case they cannot find you, and mark your initials or name inside the waders (leave 24 hours and no weekends, it is too expensive) Pop them into a bin liner or small box, with your full contact details inside and seal them in. Fedex will collect them and label them for you, then will deliver them to me the next day. I do whatever work you have requested and then Fedex them back to you. We do need the collection paid for at £10 - £15 of UK and £20 - £25 for international, but will give full details of how best to do all this in our email to you. Do not pay the courier, we will invoice you. It is an all day service, and we cannot give a time of day for collection. We can collect from your home, work, office, garage or shed, just let me know where you want them collected from and I will tell fedex.

      Email dave at to set this up or discuss your requirements. I will need name, address, post code, mobile phone number day of the week for collection and email address for this to be set up. Please put in full details of what you want done and all contact details, as they all look the same and it wont just be yours that fedex deliver!
      If posting the waders, please send them in a bin bag or similar, as disposing of boxes is a problem for us, thus willnot be a problem for them and they will arrive perfectly safely.