Programs & Classes

The WADEN networks provide live, interactive video distance education programs and classes. In a typical school year, over 30,000 students attend over 1500 events. Wisconsin students can extend their education to classes and events located virtually anywhere in the world.

Programming includes:

  • high school and post secondary credit courses
  • professional and staff development events
  • continuing education programs
  • enrichment opportunities

Programs are scheduled during the day, in the evening, and on the weekend. Events are designed to meet the needs of learners in schools, businesses, communities, and government. Here's a small sample of recent programs offered on the WADEN networks:

  • Social Studies
    Debate and discuss issues to gain insight and a better understanding of our contemporary society.

  • Appraising
    Bring your calculator to this continuing education course in real estate appraisals.

  • Foreign Languages
    High school students not only speak French in class, they practice it on a virtual trip to Paris!

  • Music
    Learn guitar chords, play in an ensemble, and even sing songs together...all over the network.

  • ChildCare Series
    Day care workers take this course to fulfill requirements as specified by Wisconsin state law.

  • Food Sanitation
    Need to prepare for the National Restaurant Association's Certification exam? This will class will help.

  • Introduction to Art
    View works of art and visually experience the historical and cultural context of art forms.

  • Criminal Justice
    Earn college credit in a course that addresses civil and criminal law issues.

  • Small Animal Care
    Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, mice, ferrets, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish! Here's how to care for your pet.

  • Award Winning Books
    The Cooperative Children's Book Center showcases this year's American Library Association's winners.

  • American Sign Language
    Signing vocabularies and cultural information from the deaf community is shared in this credit course.