General Membership

WADEN General Membership meetings are held over the Badger Converged Network. Face-to-face meetings are held twice a year in different cities in the state. Any person associated with distance education is welcome to attend and participate in WADEN meetings and other activities.

Membership Levels:
  • Network Member: A distance learning network located within the State of Wisconsin. Annual Dues: $550/year. Network members shall be entitled to one vote.

  • Single Institution/Organization (not associated with a network): An individual institution or organization which is not associated with a member network, including private schools and other entities associated with educational support. Annual Dues: $100/yr; One vote

  • Individual Member Annual Dues: $35/yr; Non-voting

  • Associate Member (Business or Vendor): A business or vendor involved with providing distance learning related services and support. Annual Dues: $200/yr; Non-voting