The Wisconsin Association of Distance Education Networks (WADEN) membership includes the 13 regional videoconference networks. WADEN was formed in 1997. The directors and staff of the WADEN networks cooperatively and collaboratively work together to provide distance education courses, programs, meetings, and community events to Wisconsin students, educators, and residents.

Mission Statement

To work collaboratively to advancand improve distance education opportunities for all learners in Wisconsin.


All residents of the State of Wisconsin will have equitable access to quality K-12, post secondary, and continuing adult education opportunities regardless of their physical location in the state, based upon the needs and expectations of the learner, instructor or citizen being served. Ultimately all distance education systems in the state will be interconnected electronically with the ability to acquire, at an affordable price, the appropriate technology needed for specific audio, video and data applications.

Organizational Structure

Membership: The voting membership consists of the designated representative from each member distance education network in the State of Wisconsin. Any person associated with distance education is welcome to attend and participate in the meetings and other activities.

A distance education network is characterized by educational and nonprofit organizations and/or an educational and nonprofit entity with multiple sites, joined together for the purpose of sharing educational resources using interactive telecommunications technologies.

Background Information

The Wisconsin Association of Distance Education Networks was formed in 1997.

The WADEN web site was first launched in October 1997, updated in July 1998, revised in 2003, totally revamped in 2006, and now transferred hosting and updated in summer 2014. WADEN network directors and staff provide much of the data for the ongoing revisions to the web site. Historically, documents from the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board were used as a basis for the original WADEN web site and for the original email discussion group.

The WADEN listserv was originally created in 1997. It is a subscriber-only, unmoderated email list used by WADEN members and others interested in WADEN. Another listerv, the WADEN Directors List, was started in 2002. It is open to only to network directors.

The WADEN Database was retired in 2006. The first data collections efforts for the Database began with Fall 1998 classes. Its final version of 4.0 was launched in September, 2004. Data collection efforts ended with records entered for Spring, 2005. The WADEN Database provided information about events offered on the WADEN networks. Each network updated and provided its own program information in the Database. With the advent of BCN and the Renovo scheduling software, the WADEN Database was no longer needed. Records for all past entries were archived and the database is no longer available online.

The WADEN-lists are maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Extension with the help and cooperation of WADEN members.