Gateway Technical College-VANguard (GTC-VANguard)
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We have been providing distance education programs since:   1998 first as SWING and now as GTC-VANguard.

Our membership includes (type of sites, eg, high schools, technical colleges, etc.):   We have School Districts and serve one or two classroom locations at the district high school, 1 Residential State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, 1 World-renowned Museum (the Milwaukee Public Museum) and 4 Gateway Technical College Campuses

Our member sites are located in these Wisconsin counties:   Walworth, Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee.

An interesting program we recently provided was:   Classroom Connections” with Senator Kohl of Wisconsin. Senator Kohl chats with schools in Wisconsin a few times a year as his schedule allows via videoconferencing right out of his Washington, D.C. office. Thanks to Gaye-Lynn Clyde of the Milwaukee Public Museum who facilitates these unique connections...

The number of programs we offer on a typical day is:   GTC-VANguard allows participating schools to share up to 15 classes a day via videoconferencing. Many of these classes are Gateway Technical College classes like American Sign Language and Developmental Psychology. The Milwaukee Public Museum connects with thousands of students all over the United...

Audiences attending our programs include:   students from elementary, middle, and high school. We also have college students that have utilized virtual fieldtrips to enhance their Gateway Technical College classes. We hope in the near future to open up a world of programming for our local communities offering both enrichment options and...

Our most surprising success story was  The transition from SWING to GTC-VANguard with the whole-hearted support of our members who believe strongly in the unique benefits and opportunities that distance learning provides.

Our favorite tip for distance education teachers is:   Be flexible and embrace chances to enhance your curriculum.

A popular topic area for our courses this year is  American Sign Language. It continues to be a great language option of intense interest year after year.

On average, the number of people attending our programs last year was:   over 400 students. They took part in classes taught via videoconferencing and thousands more took advantage of virtual field trips offered by Milwaukee Public Museum.

A Virtual Field Trip we offered helped students learn about:   the Lady Elgin, the paddleboat steamer known as the “Titanic of the Great Lakes”. She was a historic paddleboat steamer that sank in Lake Michigan in 1860. Students were brought directly to the wreck of the Lady Elgin through the use of interactive video-conferencing technologies. The students...

An interesting thing about our network is  GTC-VANguard opens a door for the college to be involved in not only our members’ instructional needs but also the communities that it serves.

At our network, we try our best to  collaborate with our partners to utilize distance learning technologies including videoconferencing, online learning, and on-ground instruction to meet the instructional needs of our partners.

For more information contact 

  • Jeff Robshaw CIO & Vice President, Learning Innovation Division, Gateway Technical College, Office: (262) 564-3676 
  • Mary Blue Virtual Learning Specialist, VANguard Initiative, Gateway Technical College, Office: (262) 767-5354

Network website:   http://vanguard.gtc.edu/

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WADEN by the Numbers

  • Regional Networks in Wisconsin: 20
  • Individual vendor managed sites statewide: over 321
  • Mobile videoconference carts statewide:  158
  • Number of Wisconsin cities with WADEN sites: 283
  • Students served in a typical school year: 54,000
  • Events offered during a typical school year: 4700
  • Data and/or video sites of the BCN project: 2,000
  • School Districts involved in BCN: 290
  • Year of BCN Conversion: 2006
  • Year WADEN was formed: 1997
  • Subscribers to the WADEN listserv: 205
  • People identified as WADEN contacts: 435 and growing