nǐ hǎo                 huān yíng
你好(Hello)。          欢     迎(Welcome)!

Welcome to Wang Laoshi's Mandarin Chinese site.   Parents, this site is to help you to connect with what we are learning in the Chinese classes.  You may use this site to:
  • see what we're working on throughout the year
  • practice some words and phrases with your child together
  • explore some other Chinese culture and language resources with your child
I will update this site's contents periodically throughout the year; each time adding the general topics and vocabulary we're covering in class. And although the unit topics will be the same for all grades, with the higher grades I will cover the topics in greater depth.

Check back periodically for updated topics and other resources.
You are welcome to give me feedback at: wendy.hagin@bellinghamschools.org

Xie xie. 

Wang Laoshi (Wendy Hagin)

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