Student Application

Application Instructions

You must complete step 1 before the application deadline of November 30th. Applications received on or after December 1st will not be reviewed. No exceptions.

Payment for the class is made after acceptance. You do not need to join or renew your WAC membership until you are accepted.

All incoming students are required to have taken an AIARE Level 1, or a formally recognized introductory avalanche course such as AST Level 1 or ISTA Level 1, within the last 5 years.

If you have not taken AIARE 1 yet, you may still apply to this year's class, however, you must have registered in an AIARE 1 course that completes before the first class presentation on January 22nd. Please note that you will need to register for the AIARE 1 course without a guarantee that you will be accepted into this year's WAC backcountry travel class.

Application Steps

Fill out the student application. ( Applications for the 2019 class are now closed )

  1. Wait to hear from us. Watch your email. Rolling notifications will be sent over the first two to three weeks of December.
    • If you receive an acceptance email from us, you must complete steps 3, 4, and 5 by the date specified in your acceptance email, or your spot may be given to someone else. If you will be offline during the notification period, please let us know in advance.
    • If you are not accepted this year, keep up your front country game this winter and apply again next year. If you registered to take an AIARE 1 course this winter, it will provide a great base of avalanche fundamentals that will begin opening up opportunities to tour, regardless of whether you take the WAC's backcountry travel class.
  2. Provide payment. If you have been accepted, you will have a couple of days to pay for the class and your WAC membership. Payment is done online through the WAC website. A link will be provided in your acceptance email.
  3. Ensure that your WAC membership is good through the end of 2019.
    • If you are not a current member: Join the WAC. (Register on website, sign waiver, and pay for membership.)
    • If you are a current member: Renew your WAC membership if your membership has expired or if it will expires before the end of 2019.
  4. Register for the class. We will need additional information about you once we know you'll be in the class. A link will be provided in acceptance email.


Admittance is based on a review of applications and phone interviews (if needed), and is not first come-first served. Applicants turned away from previous classes or who have volunteered as instructors in other WAC courses are given preference. Should there be vacancies before class begins, they will be filled on a rolling basis.

Thanks for applying! If you have problems or questions, contact the class co-chairs at