Writing Intensive at Kapi'olani Community College

Aloha and Welcome to the website for Writing-Intensive and Writing Across the Curriculum faculty and students at Kapi'olani Community College.

WAC+, (Writing Across the Curriculum & Critical Thinking) supports Kapi'olani Community College's mission to promote students' progress, learning, and success with high-quality instructional programs; to prepare students to meet rigorous baccalaureate requirements and personal enrichment goals by offering a high quality Liberal Arts program; and to prepare students to meet rigorous employment and career standards.

This website offers information about W.I. policies, writing resources, publication opportunities, and English-related news and events. If you have questions, please e-mail the W.I. Coordinator.

Faculty: If you don't mind sharing assignments, essay, or assignment excerpts, please email them to wacessays@gmail.com

WHAT'S NEW: archives of PLR's, Newsletters, and Workshops

Tentative Writing-Intensive SLO's. 

 WI PLR / WAC PLR 2016
 WI PLR / WAC PLR 2017
 KAPCC ANNUAL REPORT to System WI Committee
 WORKSHOPS: 10 sessions

Naio 207
1015 am --> 1100 am
 During these workshops, WAC and WI Best Practices will be covered. 

  • PROCEDURES for W.I. course designation + General Deadlines: 3/31...for FALL
  • 10/31 for SPRING
    • PROPOSAL FORM for proposing a new W.I. course (send via email to W.I. coordinator)+
    • also attach syllabus or link 
    • also attach 3 major assignments from the W.I. course

    • LINKS to other UH System WI pages:

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