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Certification Programs

Washington State Certification Programs
College Route Endorsement Area College Approved to Offer the Endorsement Program

Agriculture Education


Washington State University

Business and Marketing Education


Eastern Washington University

Central Washington University

Family/Consumer Sciences Ed


Central Washington Univ., Washington State Univ., and Seattle Pacific Univ

Technology Education


Central Washington University

Business and Industry Route Specialty Area College Approved to Offer the B&I Program

 Bates Technical College 
(Tacoma, WA)

(253) 680-7161

 Central Washington University

(509) 963-2776

 Eastern Washington University 
(Spokane, WA)

(509) 828-1234


 Olympic College 

(360) 475-7786

 South Seattle Community College

(206) 934-5339

 Southwest Washington Consortium (Clark County, WA)

(360) 604-1050