Looking for a website with CTE resources....
Here are some quick links.  For a more detailed list of resources, individuals, emails, websites, phone numbers, click here for the "Resource Card."
How to become a member.....

WACTA processes all memberships through the Washington ACTE.  Please visit their website and join WACTA~ Washington Association of Career & Technical Administrators.


How to get more information.....

For all other information regarding WAVA, simply send your request  to:  When requesting information, please indicate the information desired so we can provide you with the services you may need.

Where to look for job postings.....

To view job openings, visit  To post a current position you need filled, send a description to WA-ACTE:  

To Mail Payments for WACTA Conferences.....


c/o Kevin Plambeck

PO Box 1634

Stanwood WA 98292-1634

Phone: 360-629-1312 

Fax: 360-629-1314