Membership is processed through WA-ACTE.


STEP 2:    Register online or print paper form for PO purchases

STEP 3:    Select ACTIVE membership for $75 (CTE Admin/CTE OSPI)
                 Select ASSOCIATE membership for $50 (non-CTE Admin/Interns/1st Year Members)


  1. Membership is valid from July 1 – June 30 of each year no matter when you pay.
  2. WA-ACTE Summer conference registration only includes WA-ACTE membership.  Be sure to ADD WACTA and other section or national dues.
  3. Members who paid by September 1 will get a personalized name tag at Fall Conference.

Reasons to be a Member:

  1. TEAM - Together Everyone Accomplishes More
  2. Be an active role in your profession and join your colleagues and community partners in making a difference.
  3. Get up to date information through area meetings, conferences, email distribution, and website updates.
  4. Learn about changes in policy, procedures, educational initiatives, and how to support your staff and students to meet the CTE program requirements.