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Strategic Plan 15-16

 For print version, see attached handout below.

Shape visionary, proactive leadership

1.1.   Promote and support the mentoring of new administrators

1.1.1. Encourage mentor relationships via area groups

1.1.2. Continue to support new director information & training activities

1.2.   Promote and support the need for trained CTE Administrators

1.2.1. Support and expand the continuation of the CTE Administrative Internship Program and serve as presenters as requested

1.2.2. Validate the content of the CTE Administrative Internship Program and new director training
1.2.3. Provide on-going professional development opportunities for new and continuing CTE Directors                        

1.3.   Encourage and support Area Group Leadership

1.3.1. Support Area Group Leaders as the conduit of information to WAVA members

1.3.2. Update & publish WAVA Resource Guide for members

1.3.3. Publish area group activities on www.wava-wa.org

1.4.   Recognize members and supporters for their contributions

1.4.1. Annually recognize outstanding CTE administrators

1.4.2. Recognize new CTE administrators and interns at WAVA conferences and sponsor graduation at the Summer WAVA Luncheon

1.4.3. Support area groups that recognize Legislators of the Year

1.4.4. Annually recognize a contributor to CTE with the VIP Award

1.5.   Promote membership in WAVA

1.5.1. Increase active and involved membership through proactive work with WA-ACTE and approach school districts that are not currently members

1.5.2. Provide timely updates of information on www.wava-wa.org

1.6.   Foster and maintain strong partnerships with stakeholders, educational agencies and other professional organizations

1.6.1. Review annually the appointments of WAVA representatives to agencies, boards & entities

1.6.2. Keep CTE directors current on progress and activities of OSPI and WA-ACTE association sections through reporting at conferences, WAVA website, and area group meetings
1.6.3. Participate and present at conferences to promote CTE
1.6.4. Invite stakeholders, educational agencies and other professional organizations to WAVA events

1.7.   Offer the WAVA student scholarship program

1.8.   Support CTE teacher preparation programs

1.9.   Support CTE teacher recruitment and retention

2.   Provide Professional Growth Opportunities

2.1.   Utilize organization resources to maximize member benefits

2.1.1. Develop a Program of Work aligned with the Strategic Plan

2.1.2. Conduct regular business meetings

2.1.3. Maintain fiscal responsibility by conducting annual fiscal review

2.2.   Plan and deliver effective in-service

2.2.1. Plan conferences based on current needs and common themes

2.2.2. Conduct a WAVA in-service at the annual Summer WA-ACTE Conference

2.2.3. Ensure area group representation on in-service committee

2.2.4. Include stakeholder (OSPI, AWSP, WASA, or other) participation in all WAVA meetings, co-sponsoring of conferences, and sharing information on critical issues that affect CTE

3.   Advance and improve CTE in the context of broad educational issues

3.1.   Plan and support legislative issues affecting CTE

3.1.1. Monitor, advocate, and be responsive to the Carl D. Perkins Grant

3.1.2. Develop and implement a joint WAVA/WA-ACTE Legislative Agenda

3.1.3. Ensure area group representation on legislative committee
3.1.4. Develop resources to assist area groups and local school districts to promote and advocate for CTE

3.2.   Support CTE Directors in understanding and preparing for audits and reviews

3.3.   Advocate for and implement CTE Strategic Plan & Program Standards as defined by OSPI & ACTE

3.3.1. 21st Century Skills

3.3.2. Common Core Standards

3.3.3. Industry Certification & Common Assessments

3.3.4. Dual credit opportunities

3.3.5. Competency-based instruction

3.3.6. Equivalency crediting

3.3.7. Programs of Study

3.4.   Plan for economic and workforce trends and partner with industries that impact CTE program development

3.5.   Seek opportunities to market the value of CTE

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