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My homebuild observatory was completed December 2003 and since then has become the focal point of many a good night observing and imaging.

In the early days the observatory was called quite simply "The Shed" but nowadays it has adopted the name "The PB Observatory." (Thanks to JP)

With it's quick power up, I can start my evening sessions in around 10 minutes or so, I can really get into it nice and early or for that matter late.

On a good night with good seeing conditions I can visually locate Mag 11.4 galaxies but there is always light pollution when living in the suburbs which is the only drawback.

The observatory is made out of a 3m x 3m colourbond garden shed, which can easily and comfortably accomondate 3 people.

The roof rolls back and forth on six garage door wheels, three either side,  slotted into the original garage sectional door tracks.


Awaiting Action

10" LX200gps polar alighned sitting atop a Hans VB Wedge.

(Later replaced with a Meade Ultrawedge)