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Astronomy has been in my blood for as long as I can remember, way back as a kid my elder brother bought me my first telescope, a cheap 60mm refractor on a wobbly tripod, I just about wore the objectives out. When I first glimsed the Moon through this scope I felt I could just reach out and touch it, from that day on I was hooked.

Now, many years later I have matured into a person with a passion.

I built my first telescope in the early 90's, I painstakenly ground a 12" piece of round glass and turned it into an f/5.8 mirror ripe enough to view the solar system and  beyond, a truss telescope evenually was built around it. This scope gave me many joys, everytime possible I was out scanning the skies taking in the crisp sights and delights.

Some 10 years later I am the proud owner of a 10" LX200gps and it is polar mounted in my homemade observatory. This gives me access to some of the finest sights of the sky to which another passion has surfaced - astrophotography! I image through a Saxon ED80 piggybacked on this scope using a Canon EOS 350D (Unmodified). Everything is computer controlled.

On these pages are some of the successes I have achieved over the short time I have been imaging.

Many thanks to the members of The Wollongong Amateur Astronomy Club (They know who they are) for their guidence and as always, words of wisdom. The club to which I have been a member since day one.