SuitSat at Dayton 2009
SuitSat-2 Transmissions and Receptions at the AMSAT Engineering Booth


Closeup of the SuitSat-2 System

IHU with one set of 3 solar panel cables attached, antenna, video box, RX box, TX box, safety switches attached to the helmet, Experiment simulator and experiment board





AMSAT Engineering Area with the SuitSat-2 System

computer showing system Debug information, IHU with Solar Panel cable, helmet model with antenna, video box, RX box and TX box, Safety Switches (infront of helmet), Simulator and Experiment, computer showing experiment data





Bill Reed with the SuitSat-2 Ground Station receiving FM SSTV, FM audio, CW and BPSK signals on three receivers and an SDR IQ unit showing all three signals







WinRad software displaying the BPSK, CW and FM SSTV transistioning to FM voice








Explaining the operation of SuitSat-2 to Owen Garriott, W5LFL

(photo by Rick, WA4NVM)