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Gould Smith, Knoxville, TN

2007 photo with full scale Microsat model

SuitSat-2 at Dayton 2009 

Owen and Richard Garriott at Dayton 2009

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LVB Tracker Box

This is an information resource for the LVB Tracker Box.

 Howard Long, G6LVB developed the hardware and software for this Az/El Rotor Controller in 2004.  AMSAT sold the bare boards at the 2007 Dayton hamvention and they were very popular.  Mike Young, WB8CXO and I decided to provide a complete unit for amateur satellite enthusiast. This is a volunteer effort on our part.

The LVB Tracker boxes are available to order from Martha at the AMSAT office    (301) 589-6062  or toll free in the US  888-608-3410.

What is the LVB Tracker?

Installing Your LVB Tracker         Schematic updates

LVBPartsList.pdf                          BuildingtheLVBTrackerv2.pdf

Howard Long, G6LVB's Tracker site       tracker-rotor.pdf

lcdspecifications.pdf                            LVB Photos