Invasive Species

This is not really what we are talking about here are we? 
No silly.... Invasive species are little critters and their eggs or larve that attach to your airplane. Most of the time just from the weeds and slime that attaches to your floats or hull. We helped make a video to introduce you to the problem, and solution.  Take a few minutes to view the video to learn more.  When you're done, see the links at the bottom of the page to the 100th Meridian Initiative where you can self certify yourself.

YouTube Video

The 100th Meridian Initiative is a cooperative effort between local, state, provincial, regional and federal agencies(US Fish and Wildlife Service) to prevent aquatic nuisance species in North America.  Their website is chock full of information.
You can even take their On Line Training and print a Certificate of Completion.  We recommend each of you do this.  As we see the spread of these critters, local, state and federal agencies are going to require us to jump through hoops just like they've done in California.  Perhaps we can get ahead of the program and keep legislation to a minimum for seaplanes.