Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club website.

THIS WEBSITE IS AN ARCHIVE. For up to date information on UCARC activities and events, please visit us on our Facebook page or our GitHub wiki.


Station Information
Our shack is located in 911 Old Chemistry on UC's west campus. We are in the process of getting back to fully operational status after being without any antennas in our previous location. We currently have a working satellite station and are working on getting both HF and VHF packet back on the air. Station access is given to club members, with valid license. 

UCARC Repeater (W8YX)

147.060+ MHz - 100Hz PL

Our 147.06+ repeater sits high atop the UC main campus on Calhoun Hall. We transmit about 100 watts through a Hustler G6-144B vertical antenna, and listen on an identical antenna placed on the opposite side of the building. The machine requires 100Hz PL, in addition to transmitting 100 Hz PL on the output for those who don't want to be entertained by Cincinnati's fine intermod products. 

The CAT-1000 repeater controller features DTMF testing, an autopatch, and signal playback (thanks to a Digital Voice Recorder). Repeater access codes are available to any club member, regardless of (lack of) affiliation with the University of Cincinnati.