The University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club

About US

We are the historic University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club. Our mission is to promote Amateur Radio Operations and RF Technology at the University of Cincinnati. Our club is a student-led organization that provides newcomers and radio veterans with equipment that might be too costly for college students to own and operate.

The UCARC has been in operation since its founding in 1921 and has accumulated many historical QSO cards, logbooks, and antique hardware over the years. Much of our history has been recorded by alumni, which can be viewed in further detail here. The clubroom is located in 6409 French Hall, West on UC's Uptown West Campus!

Our club is open to all students at the University of Cincinnati, no engineering, STEM experience, or current enrollment in a technical major is required. No prior FCC license is needed to join our club as well, so if you are currently unlicensed and are looking to obtain your license we encourage you to join our in-person meetings!

View our constitution and by-laws here!

If you wish to connect with our club, feel free to join us on Discord or follow us on one of our social media accounts.

Visit us on our Facebook page or our GitHub wiki.

Join us on the W8YX Repeater

147.060+ MHz - 100Hz PL

The W8YX repeater sits high atop the UC main campus on Calhoun Hall for all operators in the Cincinnati area to use. We transmit about 100 watts through a Hustler G6-144B vertical antenna and listen on an identical antenna placed on the opposite side of the building. The machine requires 100Hz PL, in addition to transmitting 100 Hz PL on the output for those who don't want to be entertained by Cincinnati's fine intermod products. 

The CAT-1000 repeater controller features DTMF testing, an autopatch, and signal playback (thanks to a Digital Voice Recorder). Repeater access codes are available to any club member, regardless of affiliation with the University of Cincinnati.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us please email us at! 


The University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club is registered with the University of Cincinnati.

Registration shall not be construed as the University of Cincinnati’s approval, disapproval, 

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