Post Launch Data Foxhunt

Launch 9:10am
Balloon popped 10:10am
Touchdown approximately 10:35am

From Data recorded:
  • Max altitude 14.23 miles
  • Coldest temperature recorded -34*f
  • Ascent time 55.3 min
  • Descent time 26.8min

Post launch notes:
The antenna design worked perfectly. As the balloon was overhead, there was no loss in signal.
No fluctuation in signal strength ascending and descending.
Longest confirmed contact was Marietta Oh, approx 130 miles away.
From all of the confirmed reports obtained, this tell us that the antenna worked beautifully broadcasting the signal to the horizon.
Transmitting a tone behind the mores code that represented altitude was a fantastic idea. Next Foxhunt, max tone = 3000hz
Set code to this (100,000ft would equal 3000hz instead of 5000hz)

void loop() {
tempC = mySensor.readTemperature(); //  Read Temperature from BMP180
tempF = tempC*1.8 + 32.; // Convert degrees C to F
pressure=mySensor.readPressure(); //Read Pressure
TONE = (100000-pressure) / 32

Set vox to 10, and link ground to 7.2v battery.

Radio stopped transmitting on impact
Transmitter would not turn on
Connected new battery and radio was in channel mode.
That leaves us with the question, did the battery die before impact? Or did the transmitter change to channel mode, and continued to transmit on that channel frequency until the battery drained?

Charged the battery to the transmitter, and re connected up the foxhunt system. The radio has been transmitting for over 4 hours. This leaves me to believe that once the radio hit the ground, the transmitter switch to channel mode and started transmitting on that channel frequency.