Weather Balloon Project


The University of Akron Amateur Radio Club along with faculty and students, will be designing a communications system and data gathering weather balloon project.


  • Launch a weather balloon carrying a payload that includes a UHF/VHF repeater

  • Imagery via Rasberry Pi microprocessor

  • Temperature, Pressure, Altitude ,Light Sensor via microprocessor

  • GPS tracking system

  • Designing specific UHF and VHF antennas for high altitude.

Experimentation and Calculations

  • We need to mathematically calculate the lift velocity and acceleration of the weather balloon with the given payload weight. Calculations will involve balloon diameter, helium/hydrogen gas factor, payload weight, ect.

  • Once the balloon pops at a certain altitude, we will also need to calculate terminal velocity of the payload.

  • Design a parachute deployment system

  • Light weight reflector


Possible gps system :

Online Calculations Website -