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W8 Sidebar is a free standalone(portable) software that includes several useful components, all in 2 MB size. The program is targeted for Windows 7, 8, 10.

1 . The main interface will show information about the processor(name,frequency and real time CPU time per core, up to 8 cores), memory , computer drives
    (up to 15 drives, fixed + removable), network connections (including speed of download/upload in real time)
. When you click on any picture, appropriate action
    will be taken

2 . W8 Task Scheduler  lets you create  an unlimited number of tasks as desired (i.e. once, daily, weekly, monthly). You can choose to just be informed at the        time, visual and audible, or you can schedule the launch of a program or open a web page, and of course all at one place.
     Any task can be triggered multiple times per day.
     Task settings can be edited directly from "Reminder" (at its occurrence).
     If a task is scheduled as "Once", it will be deleted after its occurrence.

3 . W8 Searcher with AutoComplete function allows you to find any personal file in your computer very fast, usually under 1 seconds, depending on the
     number of files that you have in your computer ( e.g. 0.129 seconds at 322,000 files ).

     Double click on any item in the list of found files, Windows Explorer will open the file location and it will be marked.
     At least until the next update, is also recommended to make a database refresh when you add a large number of files. Or you can do this regularly, when you      think it's needed, just click on the "Refresh Database", takes less than 1 minute to complete. It's worth, being a very useful function, especially for SSD              users, where Windows Indexing Service should not be enabled.

4 . W8 Cleaner will help you clean your computer of temporary files and other junk files left after installing or running programs. When placing the cursor over the     "Cleaner" icon in the main interface , you will be informed in real time about the amount of "junk files"(including files from Recycle Bin) from your computer, not      necessarily need to run any program for that.
     Click the "Cleaner" icon in the main interface: will open an interface where you can select what to clean. From this interface you can also run a files or
     registry analysis and cleaning action.     
     Right click the"Cleaner"
icon in the main interface: you will be given two options, to open the "Cleaner" interface or run cleaning action.
     At the first launch of the program it is recommended to set options regarding the action of cleaning and also carry out an analysis because the program             will automatically detect "junk files" created only from that moment on, not the ones you already have . In order to remove some temporary files produced         by Windows itself (e.g .log files or downloaded windows updates) require the program to be run as  administrator.

5 . W8 Auto Shutdown allows you to program the computer shuts down, restart, stand by, log off or hibernate it at a predetermined time. 30 seconds before the      expiration of the time set for action, the program will notify you and you will be able to cancel the action. 5 buttons are also available as shortcuts for actions      above. You can choose to repeat the action every day at the same time. In case you have disabled hibernation, hibernate button will be inactive, as well as         one that will help you schedule hibernation.
     Also you can set a "Wake Up Timer" to wake up your machine from standby
(sleep) state at a specific scheduled time. This feature is available under
     "Sleep" button.

6.   W8 Computer Performance offers information about your system boot time, restart time, start up programs and installed software. Also allows you to add         or remove start up entries, or uninstall an installed program, kill a process or start/stop a service (
by clicking the right mouse button).
     To get the restart time, you will need to restart your system with the "Restart" button from W8 Sidebar.

7.    System Information panel will display all the information about your system (hardware & software).

8.     Hardware Temperature panel will display the CPU, MB, VGA and HDD temperatures (if there are hardware sensors), in °C or °F.

9.     Net Traffic Monitor will display your net traffic for each network interface per session and per month.

       W8 Start Menu is no longer part of W8  Sidebar, but its last version is available for download here.
        W8 Start Menu is not the classic Windows Start Menu, it is a standalone application.
        No Registry Settings were modified.
        You can pin programs from "All Programs" tab to Start Menu by mouse right-click or, if you want to pin something that is not in "All Programs" tab, there is          a
search button.   
        Right-click a Start Menu program to unpin it.
        The programs order in Start Menu can be changed by dragging.
        A mini explorer will open at mouse over "My Documents", "Downloads"...
        "Start Windows to Desktop" feature available (Windows8 only, not 8.1).

W8 Sidebar will notify you when Windows updates are available (and their number).

    Being a standalone software, W8 Sidebar does not need to be installed and does not alter any files or registry of Windows.

    The program does not use internet connection for any other purpose than to display your current IP and check for update .
    If "W8 Sidebar.exe" access to the internet is blocked by firewall software, the program will display the IPv4(i.e.192.168.1.x)


    On first use, the program will attempt to identify the correct network interface, but it is recommended to check whether he succeeded or not, in the "Settings"     tab. Even if misidentified network card, the program will continue to show the download and upload speed but will only update every 0.5 seconds, using a            different algorithm(for old cards). If it was identified correctly, will update every 0.1 seconds.   

    For the program
to start with Windows, in the
"Settings" interface check the option "Start with Windows". The program will copy itself to its default location
    "My Documents/W8 Sidebar"
, will create a shortcut in the "Startup" folder and it will restart from the new location. From that point you can move where you         want the file that you have downloaded, no matter where, you do not need it until a new installation of Windows.
     Recommendation: start with "Elevated Rights".

    On the first use of "Searcher", you will be prompted to create a database (e.g. 51 MB size for 404,000 files; time to complete: 0'14"). As for SSD users, it is     recommended to create this database to another partition than system partition. This database will not include any file from "C:\Windows" folder.
    The program also offers the possibility to backup and restore all files created and used by W8 Sidebar, including program settings. This function is useful if        you need to reinstall Windows. In this case, download and launch the program, and,  without making any settings, click on "Restore". W8 Sidebar will search     for the backup folder and will execute the restore, will replace the software version from backup with a copy of itself, then will close and will start from the            default location, "My Documents/W8 Sidebar".

    At the bottom of the main interface, current date and time is displayed by default.
    If you have set at least one task in the "
W8 Task Scheduler", you can click on the "Show" label, and the program will display the remaining time to the task.
    If you have multiple scheduled tasks, will be displayed that which will take place at the earliest.

    To better understand all its functions, see the site section "How To (video)" and read the change log.

   Please note that the presentation above represent the description of the program and of some of its features, as they are at the time of its first release (v.1.0).
    All modifications and additions that will be made later, can be found in the change log.


    Requirements:  Microsoft .NET Framework 4
                           Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1
                           Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

    Current version: 7.5.0                                                                                                
    December 3, 2015






    Name: W8 Sidebar.exe
    Size: 2.04 MB (2,143,232 bytes)
    MD5: f6410a73ee7fdfd6c2c7e7669b096621
    SHA256: 1fa829886e9476de846b316affc67dc7875005944bb722dc2a214300d01f8ed2