ALL Videos before May 9, 2017 are not on Vidme, as this is when I just began using it. All those videos you can find on my Youtube channel.

-14 May, 2017 [10:47 AKST]

After finishing Outlast 2 and being a little bored with SoG I decided to start my All-Time Favourite Horror-Game: SCP: Containment Breach. A couple episodes should be out sometime around 2:00 tomorrow!

-4 May, 2017 [5:47 AKST]

Today I uploaded three more Outlasts! I expect just an episode left!

-2 May, 2017 [9:54 AKST]

Okay, so unfortunately these next few videos might not come out until Friday. I know it kinda sucks, but it should be about four episodes, just like last time. I just haven't had the time I thought I would this week. Anyway, I promise they'll be out no later than Friday!

-1 May, 2017 [7:08 AKST]

Unfortunately the episodes will be out on Thursday instead of Tuesday. But that does mean more episodes! Sorry again!

-28 April, 2017 [3:29 AKST]

Yay! Outlast 2 Episodes 1-4 are out! I should have two or three more out for you guys on Tuesday.

-25 April, 2017 [4:05 AKST]: 

I just released a Dead Space and a Secrets of Grindea in succesion, filling the two-episode-a-week quota. Not to try to get out of doing more later, mind you, but I just got Outlast 2 and I plan to make 1 to 2 hour episodes of that and slice them up into 20 to Half-Hour episodes. Those should be released this Friday.

-25 April, 2017 [4:00pm AKST] :

Hooray! The site is up! Another bash at The Overseers. Hopefully...