The homebrew Buddipole and homebrew Buddistick site

HI.  I'm Budd, 
an active ham radio operator in Redding, CA,  whose main passion is operating from portable locations Amateur radio is a hoot.   I was first licensed in 1954, and to this day am on the air pretty much every day of the week.  The W3FF call came from my dad, who got it in the 1920's

The homebrew Buddipole and Buddistick Files:  Take a look at the two homebrew files on the left side of this website.  In 2000. the first files were published on for the homebrew Buddipole. Since then, I've made some revisions in the design to bring it up to date.   The lightweight whips are now available at

  In 2011, the plans were added for a very efficient vertical, the homebrew Buddistick. 

If you find you can improve these designs, please write to me via email:  Keep it simple so folks don't have to go far or spend much money to get on the HF bands.

Buddies in the Caribbean: I'm a part of this portable radio adventure group. We play radio at great locations in the Caribbean.

We go to St Lucia the first week in December every year.  In 2013, we
started using Buddipole Yagi's, and more than 12,000 QSO's ended up in the log.

There are more than thirty of us in the group, and we discuss where to go and we discuss the logistics all year long.

In the week around HamCation in Orlando, FL.  we visit one or more islands in the Caribbean.  We rent a villa and take off from there to the mountains, the beaches, and the hills around the area where we stay. 

The December trip to St. Lucia is for new ops who want to experience DX-ing in a relaxed atmosphere.      We will stay at Chateau Devaux near Castries on the NE part of this wonderful island.    My St. Lucia callsign is J68FF.  There are normally 8 of on on the December trips.

If you are a Buddipole user, and would like to join us on future "Buddies in the Caribbean" adventures to St. Lucia, send me an email and we'll discuss that opportunity.  It is simple.
We end up with 8 ops sharing a huge villa.  Catered meals, non-stop pileups.  And we
split expenses.   Can't beat that !

Contact me if you are interested 
in joining us.  Just email me so we can discuss it.

The Trike:  What a great way to get some exercise and play ham radio at the same time...."Bike Mobile".    In my case, it's a Lightfoot Cycle from Montana.  29 gears,  Shimano disc brakes, and a very sturdy frame to keep this 74 year old body going down the road at a pretty good clip.

The radio is an FT-857d, the antenna a Buddipole, the batteries are the new A-123 technology. A two-pound A-123 gives me 100 watts on SSB for a couple of hours of chatting and listening.

I often go to a nearby park and sit under a tall oak tree while running the dipole. 

I don't run the trailer with the amp on it if band conditions are good. When I do, it gives me  10DB easily on SSB.    I have a 55 A/H battery on the trailer with an ALS-500 amp.   And I take a Buddipole mast with me with a Buddipole on top to keep the rf away from my body.

Model A Mobile: My 1931 Model A Ford is pretty much a stock machine.  I restored it in
1977, and have owned it ever since.  
Take a close look at the top of the whip on the A.  It's a capacity hat that affixes to the tough
shock/corded whip, and that cap hat allows me to have an antenna 5 feet shorter than the whip normally would be.  It's low enough to be legal to run on the street in California, but I have to be careful running it under neighborhood trees.

  I recently went to a 12volt system.

 I use an FT-857d on the seat beside me, and the 100 amp battery is on the floor in the rumble seat.

JOIN THE BUG !  This group of folks on the Internet is very active in portable radio.   We started it in 2002, and there are over 7000 ops online with us now.  Find us here: and it's under "Buddipole".

My favorite portable frequencies are these:
On 17 Meters,   18157.5 KHZ
On 20 Meters,   14342.5 KHZ
 Note that these are the frequencies used by other operators who are members of HFPack, the portable group on Yahoo.   See
for information on this group.

 The  higher bands have come alive with activity.  So I often can be found
DX-ing on 10, 12 and 15 Meters.