Bob Mayo
113 Taconic Lake Way
Petersburgh, New York 12138

Rustic shack on Taconic Lake. KX3, Begali Sculpture, McElroy Stream key and a wire antenna farm above the hemlocks. QSOs penciled into ARRL paper MINILOG. Rag-chewing, making new friends and learning about QTHs. Seeking out slow CW senders to encourage preservation of this historic, precious, and purest mode of amateur radio. Headphones and the warm light from a small accent lamp brings back the zen-like, glow-of-the-vacuum-tube ham radio magic I first experienced over fifty years ago. I have no interest in contests or chasing DX.


Town of Grafton, New York, however, I am assigned to the Petersburgh, New York post office. I'm on the shore of Taconic Lake, a 33-acre, spring-fed glacial lake 1,650 feet above sea level on the Rensselaer Plateau, one of the largest and most ecologiccally intact native habitats in New York State.


Always happy to QSL the old fashioned way -- print via mail. No SASE, green stamps, or IRC necessary. Sorry, I do not participate in LoTW or eQSL, QRZ, etc. Some things, including QST, are still better on paper.

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