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WMARC Monthly meeting for May - Antenna Analyzers

posted May 10, 2021, 2:35 AM by Greg Fitch
The club continues to meet virtually on Zoom.  For more information about the Zoom video chat program please visit

This month we are pleased to have Michael Aretsky  - N6MQL with us to share with us his presentation on  "Antenna Analyzers"  Our club meetings are held the second Thursday of the month and the May meeting will be this Thursday at 7pm on Zoom.

Antenna Analyzers
Michael's presentation will discuss the need for and use of antenna analyzers, including the RigExpert™ antenna and cable analyzer. In this presentation Michael will discuss the functions and features of several different antenna analyzers available on the market, and why one analyzer may be better than another. He will also explain the proper way to choose your analyzer that best serves your needs. Details will cover many of the newest exciting features that the Zoom "Green line" of antenna analyzers offer to the every day Ham Radio operator at a very affordable price.

Michael Aretsky, N6MQL, has been owner of PNC Engineering Sales and Service based out of Sacramento, California for over 28 years. PNC Engineering is a US Distributor of RigExpert products and provides surface mount component level warranty and non warranty repairs to all RigExpertCare customers. Michael is also Chief Engineer to RigExpert USA, the US importer of the RigExpert antenna analyzer line of products. RigExpert USA serves as the North, South American and  Pacific region distribution channel.

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