The White Mountain Amateur Radio Club (WMARC) was founded in the Mt. Washington Valley around 1985. The club's name however started in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The club changed their name to the Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club (CNHARC) in 1987. Our club adopted the name somewhere in the late 1980’s. The club started out with a small group of 15 or so local hams, then in the late 1990’s the club became inactive. On December 6th, 2005, the club was reactivated and has grown at a steady pace to this day. We take great pride as a friendly, family type club. We have a present roster of 55 plus paid, and very active members. We supply ARRL VE test sessions for new hams, and those wishing to upgrade regularly. We also hold Amateur Radio Classes for those wishing to learn the hobby and obtain new licensing privileges.


            Charlie - W1LQQ

Members of the past (before 2005)

Dick Badger, Mark Badger KA1IXA, Gary Webster N1PZB, Hans Hildebrand WA1UFO,Gary Anderson KA1ZIG and his father, William Harris AG1Z, Ben English N1DQA, William Beal Jr. W1PNR, Robert Cheney K1REC, Charlie Gagnon W1LQQ, John Gribble KT1A/N1AHN, Roger Brown KA1IIP, Randy Warner W1KNR, David Hobbs N1CCB

AG1Z Repeater Info From 1989

If anyone has information or photos of the clubs history they want to share, please contact Greg Fitch at 603-759-6671 or email