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Net Protocol Script


      Good evening, this is [your name] W1MWV [your location, optional] Net control for the White Mt. Amateur Radio Club weekly net. The purpose of this net is to promote Amateur Radio, provide information about the White Mt. Amateur Radio Club and promote camaraderie among members and visitors. Please listen to net control and do not transmit unless requested. [Directed net]. The only exception to this is EMERGENCY traffic.


All are welcome to check into this net.

First I will welcome mobile, short time stations, and Echo Link stations. When checking in please give CALL SIGN, NAME, and LOCATION. [Acknowledge stations that check in].  

At this time I will welcome all check-ins, when checking in please give CALL SIGN, NAME and LOCATION. [Acknowledge stations that check in.]


  • Remind all of the monthly meeting of the White Mt. Amateur Radio Club @ 06:00 pm  in the HAM room at the Conway Public Library [ early birds @ 05:30 ]  [ANNOUNCE DATE FOR UPCOMING MTG. ]
  • Remind everyone of the URL of the web site WWW.W1MWV.ORG [club info and updates]

    Check with all club officers to see if there is any news to broadcast:

 PresidentGreg Fitch KB1EZJ 
 Vice PresidentKevin BennettN1IME
Mary SheldonN1RKO
 Repeater EngineerTim Mommers N3LYT
 Net ManagerLuke Quigley


  • Handle informals, usually groups of 3 informals and passing it back to the net operator works best.


I invite you all back next Friday at 07:00 pm on this repeater for another White Mountain Amateur Radio Club Net. 

Any other business to come before the net before we close.

Thanks to all stations that checked into the net. Thank you to the repeater owners and technicians that keep this repeater operating.

This is [your name] W1MWV [location, optional] securing the White Mt. Amateur Radio Club weekly net and returning the repeater back to normal use.  73s 

Net Operator Reminders

  • Ask for check-ins often during the net, give mobiles instant access for their informal.
  • ID often!
  • Announce the time out timer is set at 120 seconds.
  • Announce the 100 Hz tone on the W1MWV repeater.