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Vincent Yao is the AREA Professor of Real Estate, Director of Real Estate Center and Director of the College Ph.D. Program in the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University in Atlanta GA, USA. He is also a senior research fellow at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and a research fellow at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. He holds visiting chair professorship at several universities. 

Prior to joining GSU, Professor Yao spent over nine years as a director in Fannie Mae, responsible for overseeing a credit portfolio of $3 trillion loans guaranteed and securitized by the company. He was also the business sponsor of corporate models used in credit risk functions. 

Professor Yao's current research interests are household finance, real estate finance, and housing policies. His papers have been published in the American Economic Review, Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, and Journal of Urban Economics etc. 

Professor Yao received his B.A. from Renmin University of China and Ph.D. in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany.

Professor Yao's recent research has focused on the following areas:

·         Transmission of monetary and other policies to households

·         Financial decision making of households

·         Role of financial intermediaries

·         Effect of technology, market competition and migration on households