Vivian Zhanwei Yue  (岳占崴)

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Economics at Emory University



Working Papers

RMB Internationalization and Digitalization, with Bin Wei,

(Journal of Monetary Economics, accepted subject to minor revisions)


(Journal of International Economics, forthcoming)

Interest Rate Swaps, with Bin Wei

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(Awarded Lamfalussy Research Fellowship from European Central Bank) 

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(earlier version: A Solution to the Disconnect between Country Risk and Business Cycles Theories          

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(Awarded the Bhagwati Prize for the Best Paper published in the Journal of International Economics during 2010-2011)

Journal of Econometrics, 2008, October, 351-363.

Journal of International Economics, 2006, June , Vol (69), 6-36.

(Awarded the Elsevier's Economics and Finance Journals most cited articles in 2005-2009)