VyMaC Corporation - Market Development Initiative

In partnership with VyMaC Corporation, E2, Inc. is now working to expand sales and marketing efforts for a very unique direct ship bedding program.  Manufactured and distributed from Whitewater, Wisconsin our non-conventional bedding program (Latex Mattresses / Air Bed Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses) are now being developed for wholesale distribution and marketing efforts across the United States.  Under the direction of Dave Young (VyMaC CEO) and Mike Schweiger (Senior Vice President)  E2, Inc. will provide direction, leadership, and market knowledge to the VyMaC team in fully developing their sales organization while providing timely marketing feedback.  Though this initiative is still in the development stages, our initial successes have been nothing short of phenominal.  Our unique approach to helping retail partners grow has been well recieved by dealers, and consumers alike.  Together, we believe our "no touch" line of quality products tied to our aggressive service model will ensure a dedicated and loyal following quickly.  We anticipate rolling this product out to East Coast and Midwest dealers in May 2009 though we are shipping products in all categories now.  Our programs are designed to ship via trucks to our dealers, or directly from our finished goods warehouse to end consumers of our dealer's choice - one item at a time. 
Truly a no inventory, no touch solution.

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