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"There're the big fishes, there're the little fishes ... and there're the dolphins" (vylyam)

My java based mobile applications:

  • DrinkOrDrive (English manual, Hungarian manual) will help to calculate the next safety drive time after a drinking (blood alcohol level calculator)
  • Biorhythm Professional helps you to calculate 13 different biorhythmic curves for you and for your partner, family members or friends. Biorhythm matching is supported, compare two person's rhythm!
  • CostCounter is a personal money manager which helps you to follow your costs. Customized and multilevel categories are supported. Easy and quick to use.
  • Kakuro help will help to solve puzzles like Kakuro and Killer Sudoku
  • mobil-Lottózó , official lottery game only for Hungarians

 Some scores created by me. Just click on a score-page to view that in original size:

My blog is available only Hungarian here.

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