Determining Browser Version

How To Select the Right File to Download 

Due to a bug in the Voyager software, you need to determine the software version on your phone in order for the clock display on the homepage to be correct.  If you have v3 or v11, then you will use the version called "v3/11".  If you have v5 or v7, you will use the version called "v5/7".  

 To determine your phone's software version, go to Setting & Tools | Phone Info | SW/HW Version.  If your SW Version is: VX10KV03 or VX10KV11, then you will use the v3/11 version of the page.  If your SW Version is: VX10KV05 or VX10KV07, then you will use the v5/7 version of the page.

(Note: I did not test the homepage under v9 of the Voyager software due to numerous reported bugs with that particular release. If you have v9 of the software, I encourage you to have you phone updated to v11 at your Verizon store.)

 If the clock displays the wrong time on your Voyager, then you are using the wrong version.

Next, you need to decide whether to get the "folders" or "no folders" package.  If you are going to host the pages on Google or some other hosting site that does not use folders, the get the "no folders" version. Otherwise, you can get the "folders" version which keeps the image files in a separate subfolder. Both variations are otherwise identical.