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My second game, consists of a puzzle platformer where you control a drop of water in a journey to collect other scattered drops through a house (starting from the roof after a rain).

For now, it consists only of a 2-level demo, the last version is 0.8 and I pretend to go on with other projects and leave the game as it is now.

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From GameJolt
- "Arrow Keys": Move the blob - You can push objects to move them Not too strong or you will damage yourself!

- "Right-Mouse button" (hold and release): Throw a smaller blob, to reach far places. You loose some health when throwing, so dont do it just because!. Be careful not to do it too strong or you will destroy it at impact!

-"CTRL": If you control a small blob, you will get control back to big blob, leaving the other where it is.

-"SHIFT": Sacrifice small blob (it will die) to make any TOUCHING object around WET. This makes lower the object friction.

If you have problems using this game, try the following:
Install Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable in your computer
Install latest DirectX for your computer
Install OpenAl in your computer